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Sean Michaels, Feelin’ Good Fitness

“DEKA brings excitement to our facility and it gets members motivating one another. The events are great for business (added revenue) and we get a spike in outside interest due to members blowing up their social media feeds. Bottom line, it keeps people accountable and “the WIN” they experience getting their DEKA Mark is unmatched.”

Sidney Turner, Underlying Strength

“DEKA gave us a game changer and a way to differentiate from our competitors. With DEKA programming and events we’ve added substantial revenue and new annual memberships. The exposure from Spartan and DEKA has given us a lot of momentum as we move on from this pandemic.”

Jackie, DEKA Fit Palm Beach

“DEKA FIT was an amazing experience for me.  The training leading up to the event with my gym community and the extra support of the DEKA staff helped me accomplish my goals. After it was all said and done, I really do feel proud of myself and can’t wait for the next one!”  

Amanda, DEKA Strong Liberty Hill

“Whenever I tell friends and family I’m doing this kind of stuff (DEKA), they think I’m a little crazy, but I tell them Anybody can do it. It’s fun, you feel accomplished… and it just makes you feel powerful.”

We all have a tendency to work harder when others are watching. The DEKA FALL FITNESS CHALLENGE is a group challenge where everyone participating can follow each other’s progress and send props or encouragement through the Myzone App. Invite your friends to the challenge and push yourself to work harder and have more chances to… Read more »

Renee Pickett, DEKA FIT Atlanta

“I love how DEKA truly tests my physical AND mental fitness, all while putting me in a competitive atmosphere. The energy of the other athletes pushing themselves helps motivate you to give it everything you’ve got! Whether you’re beginner, intermediate, or advanced- it’s you VS. you out there… nothing like DEKA!”