10 ZONES - 0 Excuses!

With our 10 DEKA Zones, we’re  providing a well rounded functional test for all levels of fitness. Every zone is based on rudimentary movements that don’t require any specific training or education to complete.

The zone sequence and flow is designed to start with basic movements throughout the early zones that when combined target the entire body and then finish with zones 6-10 with the last 5 requiring 100% full body focus for each zone.



Zone 1 is a basic lunge movement that targets lower body muscle groups including the core, mobility, flexibility, balance, and coordination. The weight of the ram roller adds an extra challenge to the zone.

500M Row


Zone 2 targets the lower body muscle groups and the core. The movement incorporates an upper body pull that strengthens back, shoulders, and arms.

20 Box jump/step over


Zone 3 targets the lower body muscle groups and the core. It requires focus on balance and coordination challenging the neuromuscular, and central nervous systems.

25 Med Ball Sit-up Throw


Zone 4 provides a move that requires core strength, upper body strength, and shoulder mobility. After zone 4 is completed, every muscle group of the body, balance, and coordination have been challenged.

500M Ski Erg


Zone 5 provides a move that requires overhead shoulder mobility, upper body, lower body, and core strength. Zone 5 also targets grip strength.

100M Farmers Carry


Zone 6 provides a move that requires basic lifting and carrying ability which places the body in a situation where full body strength balance, and coordination are required. There’s also a big focus on grip strength.

25C Air Bike


Zone 7 provides a move that targets every joint in the body which means every muscle group in the body is working.  Once the first 6 zones have been completed, there’s no question the body is warmed-up and ready for the start of what we call the DEKA Gateway which is Zones 7-10.  Zone 7 requires every muscle group in the body and is arguably the toughest zone of all 10.

20 Dead Ball Wall Over


Zone 8 provides a move that like zone 7 targets every joint in the body which again which means that every muscle group in the body is worked out.  Mobility, flexibility, balance, and coordination will also play a key role.

Zone 9
100M Tank Push/Pull


Zone 9 provides a move that also targets the entire body with the back and forth pushing and pulling. This zone now puts the body in a situation where we build up to targeting the entire body with zones 1-6 and now the body is 3 zones into moves that require every joint and muscle group to complete the zone. The full body functional fitness test is almost complete.

Zone 10
20 RAM Burpee


Zone 10 provides arguably the most well-rounded strength training move ever used. The Spartan RAM Burpee requires a squat, lowering the body down to the ground, pressing the body off the ground, standing up while lifting the weight off the ground, and finishing by pressing the weight overhead. More than any other move in the zones, every joint and muscle group is used while also challenging the now fatigued body with extensive balance and coordination.

“I love how DEKA truly tests my physical AND mental fitness, all while putting me in a competitive atmosphere. The energy of the other athletes pushing themselves helps motivate you to give it everything you’ve got! Whether you’re beginner, intermediate, or advanced- it’s you VS. you out there… nothing like DEKA!”

Renee Pickett, DEKA FIT Atlanta

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